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of the nsa, keith alexander, testified before congress and their defense was clear and aggressive. >> do you believe that the allies have conducted or at any time, any type of espionage activity against the united states of america, our intelligence services, our leaders or otherwise? >> absolutely. >> there has not been a mass casualty in the u.s. since 2001. that's not by luck. they continue to tray. it is the great members in the intelligence community, our military, our law enforcement that have stood up and said, this is our job. >> defending themselves with passion and conviction which up to this point we hadn't seen much of in material of defense. jim shuuto watching today. what were the revelations at the hearing? >> you got the sense that they were just waiting to have the chance to push back like this. and they pushed back very strong. first on spying. both clapper and alexander saying that our allies spy on us, including on our leaders. that in fact the intelligence services in europe do so to an extent that maybe the elected leaders in europe are not aware of. and they made the a
does the defense get past that? >> this is devastating for the defense. obviously, if your own kids think you murdered their mother, the jurors are going to think, that's pretty compelling. he's their father. they should love him and be loyal to him. so i think that really is a big blow to the defense, but i'm not sure that he still gets convicted because you have to prove guilt beyond a reasonableble doubt and how did the death happen. >> how did the death happen, and the witnesses, jean has been reporting on this, there are questions, one of his daughter as former drug addict, another bipolar and his other mistress with a disorder. if you can't trust the messenger, how do you get past that? >> they have baggage. all of these witnesses have h major problems, so if you're looking for reasonable doubt, you may find that. and how did he do it? when the medical examiner did the autopsy she said she died of natural causes. >> the mistress said he explained in pillow talk how he can do that. >> hwhat is his method? does the prosecutor know? will the prosecutor call a head kill expert to
's certain traditions, when rookies come in, they'll take their position group or the offense or the defense out to dinner and foot the bill. but that's more of a rite of passage, and i wouldn't consider that hazing. the nfl's not for everyone. i had these expectations about what the nfl would be. once i got there, it wasn't what i thought. >> now john zarrella is out front. when you hear this, somebody can be fired a $13 million job, what could have been in those voice mails and text messages? >> reporter: according to espn and nfl.com, this is the text of the voice messages left for jonathan martin. i'm quoting here. hey, what's up, you half blank piece of blank. i saw you on twitter. you have been training ten weeks. i'll blank in your blank mouth. i'm going to slap your real mother across the face. blank you. you're still a rookie. i'll kill you. now this is all coming out a week after jonathan martin suddenly left dolphins' camp last monday and has been gone ever since. erin? >> now i hear that. it's almost impossible to imagine. then you wonder if this is the way they all interact. it'
defense of his health care program with a twist that's infuriating some republicans. his embattled health secretary faces congress an makes apologies for the obama care web site fiasco. stand by for her heated testimony. and the questions left unanswered. >>> and a warning of the high security risk on the obama care web site. cnn has obtained a disturbing memo written only days before the launch. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. >> hold me accountable for the debacle. i'm responsible. >> they certainly are the fays of the obama care web site debacle. both were front and center today taking responsibility and promising solutions. we have team coverage this hour of obama care under fire. first let's go to our senior white house correspondent jim acosta with the very latest. jim? >> here at the white house officials believe the president took ownership of the messups with obama care today that they feel like he for the first time really addressed this issue of millions of cancellation letters going to america
from the daughter of martin macneill. the utah doctor accused of killing his wifr. the defense tried to discredit the key witness trying to show the jury that she changed her story and may have had a motive to lie. jean casarez is "outfront." >> miss summers, if you will come forward again. >> reporter: day two of the hostile cross-examination of the daughter alexis turned downright combative. >> you've made up the story that you told today. >> no. >> you were not giving accurate information one time or the other? >> i'm not 100% sure on this. >> you've never, ever related this before. have you? >> to you? >> to me or to anybody. >> an effort by defense attorney randy spencer to catch her in lies, impeach her testimony, and prove she wanted revenge against her father for having an affair. >> it is not as important to get accurate information on informal e-mails back and forth. >> that's not what i said. >> the attack on her credibility as the prosecution' star witness against her father was relentless. macneill is accused of compelling his wife michele to have a facelift. then during
they should be doing. >> but he offered this defense. >> the national security operations generally have one purpose and that is to make sure that the american people are safe. >> reporter: whether listening in on the leaders of close allies saves lives, the white house didn't have an answer. although it reaffirmed it is reassessing such high level surveillance as part of its overall intelligence review. on the hill today, european lawmakers went head to head with congressional leaders on nsa spying. for the head of the discussion told me their discussion was frank. you had a very stern message to deliver. >> i think we had a very robust and strong message. this mass surveillance which has come through the allegations is something that is disturbing to european citizens. they feel very uneasy. they don't know why it's happening, why their strongest ally is doing it. >> reporter: and today they had more to talk about regarding spain when they collected data from 60 million phone calls in 30 days, leading to one more u.s. ambassador's summon to explain. european officials say that the surveill
with a mix on post surgery medication to drawn her. the defense says she had a long-term heart condition and that was the cause of her death. >> i didn't find any evidence. >> reporter: cardiologist said from his analysis she was in relatively good health and there was no natural reason she should have been found unconscious in her bathtub in april of 2007. >> in chest pain. she had no symptoms that suggest that she had a significant problem. >> are doctors unique in their ability to commit homicide? >> objection. >> reporter: prosecutors dropped that bombshell but prevented from questioning dr. joshua perper about his book "when doctors kill, who, why and how" but that did not prevent him from giving his medical opinion. >> so your examination of the lungs and the microscope pick slides of the lungs. >> yes. >> support a finding of drowning? >> yes. >> reporter: and on cross examination they got the doctor to admit possibly michelle macneill died of naturally occurring heart disease. now, erin, next week closing arguments, dell rations maybe even a verdict. >> wow, obviously going to be
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)

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